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Emily's Lil page of Doom, hehe  

Isn't this O U T S T A N D I NG Crazy fool.
Gut Dies ist meine lahme Eselseite, lol. Noone wird meine Scheiße lesen können, aber wenn u genug gebohrt ist, alle dieses dann Sie zu übersetzen, sind ungewöhnlich.. oder sein gerecht buggin Sie, zu wissen, haha. Sowieso.. Ive hat alot auf dieser Seite geändert.. und Im überlegend noch auf puttin pics auf hier. ..o gut. Zustimmung, kranker Haltschwafeln jetzt, verursacht, daß Sie diesen neways verstehen können..

Hehe, Ok, Ill spare you and put this into English, cause Im a creepy lil girl like that. Neways... Ive put an actual, still pic of me on here *gasps*. And Ive updated Favs...they barely every change, but o well. If youd like to get to know me more or whatnot then just IM me, My new s/n is RazorB1ad3 Kiss on aol. My old s/n is somewhere on this site I think, lol.  



My Friend took this without warning, lol, But it still came out kinda ok

Favorite Bands- KoRn, HIM, AFI, Kittie
Favorite Songs-Mainly all songs by KoRn, In Joy and Sorrow, and Razorblade kiss (Both by HIM), Giving In by Adema, Paperdoll by Kittie, what it is to burn by Finch
Favorite Foods-Subs, hehe
Favorite people- Sonny Is still My best friend, along with Alex, and the girls (they know who they are). Theyve always been there for me, and I wouldnt have made it this far without them.
Favorite Color-Dark Purple
Favorite Movies-Nightmare before Christmas and Sleepy Hollow (Both by Tim Burton ), and Queen of the Damned

I saw a star beneath the stairs glowing through the melting walls.
Who will be the first to begin their fall?
Or will we become one?
Am I the star beneath the stairs?
Am I a ghost upon the stage?
Am I your anything?
I saw a star beneath the stairs glowing bright before descent
and in the morning there is nothing left but what's inside of me.
And I don't want to die tonight; will you believe in me?
And I don't want to fall into the light.
Will you wish upon?
Will you walk upon me?
I don't want to die tonight.
Will you.
                   --Morningstar, by AFI